About Our Company

Renault Elf Winfield Race School

For four decades Mike and Richard Knight, together with Simon de Lautour and Pierre Francois Rousselot ran their internationally recognised Renault Elf Winfield race driver training schools which rapidly became the start point for most of France's top drivers - and a few Brits (!) - from the 60's to the present day. Many hundreds of school participants, from whom would emerge two world champions from thirty who made it into Formula 1, together with many others who had successful careers in the sport were statistics Mike believed showed we had some insights we should try to share more widely.

"With that in mind, following the sale of the schools in 1998 I decided to make an instrument which would communicate the school's core message. To be safe in any vehicle - any vehicle - anywhere - requires the driver to develop a deep awareness that its stability at all times is key. The aid I eventually developed we call ControlPAL


First thing to say is PAL makes it sound like it's your friend - and it is - the second is to bring to your attention a prime aim is vehicle control - achieved by fully grasping the importance of the relationship between Pitch And Lean (PAL). (Pitch occurs under braking and accelerating, Lean occurs when cornering).

All vehicles are at their most stable when driven in a straight line at a constant speed because the weight of the car is evenly spread. The potential for instability occurs during braking, acceleration and cornering as the vehicle's weight naturally shifts forward and back and from side to side.

Simply put, ControlPAL helps to ensure a rapid understanding of the techniques that promote a driving style that keeps the car as 'flat' as is practicable at all times. It does so by bringing two more senses into play - 'sight' and 'sound' - to add to the sense of 'feel' the car itself provides naturally - in real time.