ControlPAL - How does it actually work?

ControlPAL is an adjustable accelerometer that measures the changing weight transference of a vehicle as it brakes, corners and accelerates, communicating the different effects to the driver through the use of lights and sound. The instructor can then advise on how to achieve the optimum reading for greater safety.

ControlPAL has different levels of sensitivity that can be decreased as the driver's understanding of the relationship between braking (pitch) and turning (lean) grows.

If you are in the area and would like a demonstration please contact Mike to arrange an appointment.

It has been granted a UK and European patent.

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Sound is only activated when red lights are illuminated.

  • Gentle braking
  • Gentle acceleration
  • Firm braking
  • Heavy acceleration
  • Gentle braking/gentle right turn
  • Excessive lean turning right