‘C-PAL, an amazing partner!

It is the first stand-alone plug & play dynamic control instrument of its kind, no subscription fee, no regular uploading endless updates and completely maintenance free - astonishingly user friendly!

My learner drivers enjoy its continuous high tech feedback and thrive on the additional praise they receive from C-PAL - when all lights stay off and silence is golden.. Driving test results are improving on the back of it.

On road and track, even some very experienced fleet training customers find that they quite frequently use their car controls with less flair than they perceive and accept C-PAL's escalating warning protocol about the impending skid as constructive and encouraging guidance. On a day to day basis that could mean helping to save fuel and tyres.

As a consequence of C-PAL's success I am charging more for my services because I can now offer physically accurate, objective assessments of the driver's performance.

I am happy to further discuss my experience with Control-PAL in person, please ask for my number.’

Jurgen Becker, ADI, Berkshire

‘I help show drivers how to get the best from themselves and their high quality sports cars. ControlPAL is a brilliant aid to me - and them - in that context’.

Richard Attwood – ADI - former Grand Prix driver and Le Mans winner.

‘All the students like the device, do not find it punitive but a positive tool they want to use. As it provides an immediate response to acceleration/braking and lateral forces, they gauge development through understanding via technology that is unquestionable. This aids and speeds up learning that is not only a consistent and continual reinforcement, but in tune with modern educative aids and technology they use, i.e. iPads/Play stations’.

John Newell – I.H.C.D. Driving Tutor - South Central Ambulance HNS Foundation Trust.

‘Throughout the day the ControlPAL was used to monitor the severity of braking, however it was found that it was equally effective at monitoring cornering and acceleration. It quickly identified that although we thought we had already begun to develop the technique of three pressure braking there was still room for significant improvement. It also identified how far in advance of hazards planning needs to begin. I personally found I needed to prepare for roundabouts a lot earlier than I had been previously and the instrument identified my braking was being initiated too late. It also identified my acceleration was sometimes too harsh and that when negotiating roundabouts and tighter turns the level of g force experienced by those in the rear could be reduced dramatically with careful preparation. The instrument has been significantly impressive in improving the performance of all those in the vehicle today and helped to highlight the areas that still require improvement’.

Ambulance driver trainee.

‘I have installed the ControlPal and it works really well. Already my students are finding it of real value and I too find it easier to explain whats happening when the lights are illuminated. One student used it on his test and the Examiner was also impressed with the "gizmo" and asked the student how it worked. (He passed his test with only 3 minors by the way). I intend to use it as a Fleet Driver Trainer as well as I think it will also be very beneficial to qualified drivers who have developed bad habits.’

David Houghton ADI

'Thank you for my prize of a ControlPAL offered by Intelligent Instructor magazine. I love it and so does my car! I had three tests this week and left ControlPAL installed. The examiner wasn’t fazed but wanted to know how it worked. The third test was conducted by a different DE who never mentioned it, a compliment I thought! All three tests passed. Thank you.'

Caroline Woods ADI

'I just used ControlPAL on my first lesson and my pupil produced the best drive she has ever done!! I really think this will revolutionise my tuition.... Many, many thanks.'

Richard Butterworth ADI